another one

Sometimes it seems like you need to give in and allow yourself to do something. I’m talking in terms of risk/uncertainty. To allow yourself to be goofy or funny or bold. We hold back because of judgement. Both our own internal judgement and the perceived judgement that can come from others. The issue with this, that I’ve been struggling with at least, is that it does not allow for joy. It does not allow for you to live the life you want to live. To be who you want to be. By not allowing yourself to be the person you desire to be, you hold yourself back and are not as full as you can be. This seems scary but it may be the best option. To take the risk and allow yourself to be yourself.


thought on stuff pt. 2: spooky dangles

Coolness is a state of being. It is a confidence. A belief in oneself. It’s style. It’s uniqueness. It’s subjective. It’s temperature. We all wanna be cool, we want to be admired for who we are because that validates our existence. That not only do we exist but that our existence has an impact and a positive one at that. One that people try to emulate. I don’t know much about cool, but I say do what makes you the most confident. Whatever makes you feel like the people who you think are cool. Steal from them, steal from everyone. Steal walks and clothing and words and mannerisms. Create your own version of cool and in that uniqueness will emerge. Within that framework you will create new dimensions to your cool that maybe someone else will try to steal. It’s about being comfortable with who you are and what you like and showing that off to the world with pride.