thought on stuff

I exist as this world is existing. This whole thing is an energy field and we all exist as one energy. It is all occurring right now. Look around the room you are in. Everything is just there. It all exists and it is all existing at this moment. So are you. You are the same thing as every other thing that is existing in the room, the door, the shoes, the febreze. It’s all right here and now. It is all energy, literally. A whole bunch of vibrations all occurring at once in different combinations that can interact with one another constantly. And we can feel that. We cannot think it, it needs to be felt as one feels when making intuitive decision. And you are here and you have the ability to be aware of it but when you are aware of it, when you start thinking about it, it takes you out of that intuitive feeling. That feeling of connection with the things around you and the moment that is occurring. It is impossible to put into words because it is a place that is wordless. It is outside of thought because thought is so closely tied to words. It is a full body sensation. It is a reminder that we were in the big bang, just as every other thing in this room was in the big bang. That everything on this planet and in this universe were also contained in that big bang. It is literally all one thing as we all came from that one thing and it is how everything somehow knows what to do. The sun knows how to keep us warm and also enable trees and plants to grow that provide sustenance for us and all animals on earth and we provide back to those plants. It’s how birds know how to fly in a flock without thinking about it, it’s intuitive. Same with every other animal. They are not thinking about it, they are doing it. It is what we need to do, or should do.